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Sculpting a sitting woman - Part 2

I attach the head to the body before I start adding paper mache to the body.

I start with the body, then continue towards the legs. I leave the arms to later stages.

Once the body is covered I can start with the hands. I start by drawing a 1:1 sketch of the hand. And cut thin wires a bit longer than the length of the sketched hand.

I wrap each finger with a piece of masking tape.

I attach the four fingers together.

After I add the thumb, I shape the hand.

Adding paper mache, I start by adding very small amounts in the palm area.

For each finger I create a small sausage and wrap it around the wire.

Each hand is attached before I add the paper mache to the arm. This way the wrist does not become too fat. If the hand is supposed to be placed on the body I refrain from adding paper mache to the hand till I sculpt the cloths.

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