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Sculpting a sitting woman - from start to finish

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I begin each figure with a 1:1 scale diagram of the figure I want to sculpt. I can make the time and calculate the dimensions, but this a much more efficient method.

The tools and materials I use to start sculpting.

I always start with the body. I trace the sketch with a wire. I use a thin wire that can be found in any local craft store.

I trace the second side according to the first side, to maintain symmetry. I used a masking tape to join the two halves in the middle (the body area).

I start sculpting the shape of the body by adding strips of paper (about 5 cm wide).

As soon as I get some layers I start thinking about the position of the body.

The shoulder area is a delicate area. Too much newspaper layers and she'll have wide shoulders.

As soon as she has some "meat" I start adding the news papers according to the figure. Most of the shape is done with newspapers. So I think about each piece of newspaper I attach to the body.

I leave some room to add more layers of newspapers. First, I will attach the head and then I will fix her position.

Next I start sculpting the head. I start with a small ball of newspaper stirps on top of a pencil tip. And continue by shaping it to look like an egg.

It should not fit the drawing exactly. Some space should be left to the paper mache part.

I cover the head with paper mache

I start by adding some paper mache in the forehead area.

I add a small sausage-like piece for the nose.

Another sausage goes to the upper lip. Each piece I add is shape with a very small strokes.

A small teardrop goes to the lower leap.

Next I add some paper mache to the cheek area

The eyes are tiny balls. I try to do two balls in the same size. Usually, I would add more paper mache after the head has dried, since things tend to shrink.

Next step will be to takeout the pencil, place a thick wire for the neck and attach the head to the body.

To be continued...

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