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Curly girl

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This is the second time I took upon myself the mission to create a curly girl. It is more than a sculpture, it's a test of patience. I really wanted the curls to look natural this time around so I started with a basic girl

I continued to experiment with curls. I thought of the trouble I had last time in painting the curls, so I decided to paint the sheets of paper I used, before making the curls. I tried few techniques. Finally I decided to paint the sheets with pastel chalks. I made more than fifthy curls (I think). Then I took my time attaching the curls.

I added layer after layer; attaching each strand to the head with paper mache (the clay type) and waiting for it to dry (talking about watching the grass grow?)

Finally the head was full with curls. But it was so heavy I had to add weights to the legs to make her sit properly again.

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