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This period has been busy. I have had many interesting orders. This couple of weeks have not been easy in this tiny dot on the globe. The chaos is controlled by few, trying to push their own agendas. Kids are being caught in the crossfire. I hope that the madness stops before in consumes the little dot.

So we are here, at home trying to find some peace. I am trying to keep the day to day life going, In the same time life goes on around me.

I had various reading women projects; now they are all on their way,

Two new orders of reading woman came in. So my hands are busy. I feel that I learn something new with each woman I sculpt

There are two curly woman waiting to be sculpted.

One with paper curls.

The a colord paper is glued to a wire and then curled on a round rod.

The other with soft wool curls.

This is were they rest for now

I also had a minute or two to finish something that has been sitting on my shelf for too long

And finally I have finished a project I have never done before, A life-size bust,

I am waiting for some routine to kick in,

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