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Trumpet Player

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This project started as a very special request -- A memory of a man and his trumpet. I was requested to sculpt him with his trumpet, so I decided to make something a bit different -- only partial body.

I set and thought of a solution. paper mache will not hold it's form if there is no support. So I decided to explore the advantages of Worbla (cf.

I started, as usual, by building the base with newspapers and masking tape. Then I covered the part I needed with Worbla (brown).

I covered only the Worbla with paper mache and emptied the newspapers. Then covered the inside with paper mache. I like to add some paint to explore the similarities. Many changes were made to the face, till I was satisfied with the result. The hands were added at this stage.

Now I had to build the trumpet (in order to get the right position of the hands.

The glasses were a completely different story. They just resisted my attempts to build them.

But eventually I managed to combine all the part to one creation.

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