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Back to school?

I have been working sporadically in the Summer. At least this is what it felt like. Now the kids are back at school or so it would seem. In reality we have so much holidays this month the it feels as though the Summer never ended.

I have strated long projects. I have few scenes in my head that gave to come to life. So the overall progress is very slow. I also got invested in their expressions. So it takes even longer to get it right.

A quick glance to a group photo of a class I took last year. I haven't worked with a foam before and it was so much fun. Contemplating on doing another course this year. Hopefully, the tight schedule will allow.

One third of one of my planned scenes. There will be a mother and a son and a very angry middle aged woman.

The couple in the background is about to part ways. They still stand close, but their eyes stray. He winks at somebody in the crowd she looks far away, focused in some unknown adventure.

This is the mother of the mischievous child from the second photo. The sees that something is going to happen, but she has no power to stop it.

I also have some new orders. So these will have to wait.

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