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What does wip mean to me?

Work in progress - wip. For me it is a way of life. There's always something in progress.

Sometimes it takes half a year to get from start to finish. Like with this guy

This is a Louis to an Ella I have sculpted last year. The beginning was relatively easy. He agreed stand on his own pretty fast. Shoes and suit were easy to make. But I wanted a feel of a real trumpet player. He is 26 centimeters tall so the trumpet had to be pretty small. And his hand gesture wad something I had to think about. So I thought. All I did for few months (with him) is think.

Sometimes years pass from one itteration toanother. Like with this one

This one is 60 centimeters tall. His cloths are my focus. I wanted to give tge feeling of different textures. This is a guy who should be relaxing and enjoying is coffee break. But he doesn't want to feel relaxed. He is pissed and it feels right.

And there are small sculptures I add as I go...

My focus is still on paper mache. But I dotc fascinated with foam and building puppets. So now I have these on my desk as well


I actually finished this one recently.

I feel like I don't have enough time to explore all that is worth exploring.

#characters #puppetbuilding #papermache #angryguy #LouisArmstrong #EllaFitzgerald

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