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Book lover gift, papier mache sculpture, collectible item, woman with Santa hat


Papier mache reading woman. In this version two hats are included: a Christmas and a cowboy hat
This is a custom made reading woman approximately 6 in (16 cm) when sitting. As shown in the picture, her position requiers her to sit on the edge of the shelf.
She has a relaxed pose. Sitting there leisurely and reading a book. Perfect gift for a book lover.
The purpose here was to make a delicate gift. Something special to someone that loves art and reading. It can sit on a bookshelf.

The armature is wire and newspapers. The cover is newspaper.

Cleaning - one can clean it with a wet towel.

I looks delicate but it doesn't break easily.

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glue,paper,news paper,masking tape,wire,varnish

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